The audacity to….pt 1.

Hello world! It’s been a very long time :-). Wow, it is the end of the year and time has surely flown by.  Today, let’s talk relationships and love and all that mushy stuff. I have had a lot to build on– from conversations, life experiences, movies, etc.


This year, I turned 40 and it has been a blast! Although, a very trying year it has definitely been a learning curve in relationships, life, health, finances and my spirituality. I have watched acrimonious divorces to new relationships blossom –to old flames revitalize–to friends turn to lovers. I have experienced death—witnessed the beauty of birth–gained new friendships and lost others. All of these things and I still have the audacity to HOPE.

I am a hopeless romantic and the older I get the more I want to love and be loved. However, I never want to or will settle. Over the years, I have developed a sense of “me.” I lone for the one that will come and sweep me off of my feet and sometimes wondered if he has come and gone and I missed out because I was someone else? Or is that just an overrated white-picketed fence fairy tale that I hope for?

Not long ago, I saw a friend get engaged and she never thought it would happen. There were nights we talked all night on the phone about the wrong ones, but yet I still have the audacity to believe it can happen to me. I have been sold dreams, I have bought into those dreams. I have watched the one I loved love someone else and still today, I claim what I want and know that it will happen….for now, I have run out of time but will be back with pt 2 later……..

But before I go, answer these—Do you KNOW what you want? Also, Why you want it?


Til tonight






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  1. Happy Birthday.Many many more.Have a delightful new year.Thank you for visiting my blog.Jal

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