Hello world!!

I told you I would be back soon. We have a lot of catching up to do. Today let’s address the issue of fear! Fear is almost like an epidemic that it can hinder our dreams, lease on life, goals, love, health, etc. Well, I have been challenged to face my own fears. Its time to explore more options and dig even deeper into who I am and have become over the years.

I am definitely an introvert but trying to cross-over a little. I’m not sure that I will ever be a social butterfly but I want to welcome the gregarious person that lives inside of me. I have lived in the same state for just about ALL my life minus half a year. However, I am well-rounded and will travel in a heart beat; albeit planned or impromptu! Just the other day I submit FOURTEEN applications on-line to relocate to a different city. Talk about a big move?!? Yea, staring at my fears. Believe me, it’s a CHALLENGE! Leaving everything I know, the stand toe-to-toe with the unknown.


I don’t like crowds so used to never go out; now, I will call and say, “Hey, wanna go out for a drink?” It is a funny thing too, I am NOT a drinker! So one little drink and I could roll over a curb. Watch out curbs! As a matter of fact,  a pomegranate martini sounds great tonight. I just remembered, the last time i drank this I was about to vomit! (didn’t eat anything)


Anywho, back on task here.  I recently attended two workshops for Tennessee Screenwriters! Go me! I even introduced myself the 2nd time. Talk about POINTS (double mine please). I am really stepping out. I must credit the push to someone though huh? Yea, I do. I am amazed at the people God has put in my life. Those who have encouraged me and those who gave me bricks to build walls.

At any rate, my challenge to you is to do something you have always wanted to do but have feared doing so for WHATEVER reason and tell me how it went!! Smooches!!

Chat later!



Your thoughts?

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