Where is my Fairytale Ending

Hello world!!

Wow, it’s been a while and we have a lot to talk about  :-).  The kiddos are leaving for college so that leaves me home alone, finally.  BUT really,  (sniff) finally?!?

I have always been ‘thoughtful’ of my health, now  I have really become one with the ‘thought.’ I challenge you to join me???  I have exercised at minimum 30 min EVERYDAY for the last 42 days YAY ME (even with a hurt foot!)!!! Not only do I feel better, I feel better about me. I always talk about the transitions taking place in my life, a few have been completed. From college acceptances to entrances to meeting a cool guy that I was digging way more than he was digging me BLAH 🙂  

Well enough of the rambling, let me just jump to it today. Becoming a healthier me is lining up with who I want to be in the sight of my significant other. I do it for ME because if I am not happy with me; how can someone else make me happy? With all that being said, I am ready for love and a fairytale ending. Did I say that? Me, love? Yeah, I have a magnanimous compassion for the very thought of love. Over the years, I have learned that be being-mostly an introvert; shy; and sometimes insecure (in certain areas); can hinder my response to relationships. Yes, I admitted that it is me…AT TIMES 🙂 Now I forgot to add to the aforementioned that I do have standards!!

So the question is, did I miss the opportunity for my fairy-taled ending? Or is it waiting for me to seize it?  Is the reality of the strength that I display competing with who I am underneath?

I am a hopeless romantic…..Love should be the panacea for all ails!



Your thoughts?

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