The need to feel needed

Hello world,

Happy day! I hope each of you have had a wonderful Sunday, full of the Word, food, couches, remotes, sports and more food. (BURP) This has been an amazing week; hope yours have. So, SS what is the topic today? I am glad you asked. Let’s rap about the need to feel needed.

First, MEN you all are not the only ones that need to feel needed; yes, women do too. Moving along. The world in which we live have beautiful, intelligent, strong willed, successful independent women. Hold up men, don’t sign off on me, I have questions for you. I am a firm believer in allowing the man to be the man and the head.  But we also have to be careful with whom we fall under submission; that was free 🙂 Now please correct me if I am wrong; I have found that the more established a man is, the less he wants to be affirmed or needed. Well, at least that is what I have encountered. I had one guy tell me to “let me do it” and then another say “what were you doing before I came” (jerk)….**perplexed** I know that some “independent” women feel as if they can do everything, but that is not why we were created. Men are there for a reason.

Now the question is, when should we summon you for tasks around the house? Paying bills? Conversation? Voices of reason? Etc? The one thing that I think we have clear is sex. There is no asking, I think we have that under control. Me for example, I can do so many things myself to WAIT on you to do something for two weeks is absurd. So what’s a chick to do? Let’s talk!!




Your thoughts?

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