Home alone…..

Hello world!!!


A change is about to come! From the single ladies population, I’ve heard, mumbled, and sang in unison the resounding “THIS is my time, he’s coming!” The fact is, after finding myself in a near constant state of single-ness I decided to work it, own it, and view it as a choice rather than a sentence. And let me tell you, when you own it; you can see why you are single at times….and boy do you become selfish with your time. (Amen goes right there) Not to say that I have not dated and have not wanted a “boo” from time to time, but, being a mother has kept me pretty busy! From majorette to volleyball to debate to football to basketball now to graduation; I don’t know that I have had time for anything other than being single.

I went to see Steve Harvey’s “Think Like a Man” and saw a bit of myself in Taraji’s character. But the difference between the two of us is that I believe we need men not to mention her 6 figures..LOL..! I love the song by Jill Scott “The Fact Is” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCqrdK8dp-w  Somethings just don’t change…..Now, let’s get to it….

I am excited about the next chapter because it allows me to pat myself on the back and watch my children continously evolve into the next stages of life. With every transition comes reservation and/or great excitement in the possibility of what may be; a new beginning, good fortune, and maybe – just maybe – success in love! Since I have been an adult, I have NEVER lived alone..Hold up, don’t get it twisted, I love my children dearly so this change is so bitter sweet. I may cry and from time to time and be lonely…and for all of you saints and aints (in my Rickey Smiley voice)that will say “He’s a comfort when you’re lonely”  I already have a relationship with God but being single is a gift that I do not possess. I will be giving this temporary gift back in about a month. 🙂

Y’all, I am about to be grown for real. EEEKKKK, I’m sooo excited that I’m scared.. What do I do with myself?? For all of you with natures of sarcasm, pregnancy is NOT an option; I will pick up my niece for that. Yes, I will travel, but what else? Do I downsize? Do I join a book club and do water aerobics with the geriatrics? (No, that sounds boring) Do I relocate? What do I do right through this gap, a girl’s prayers have definitely changed. Do I pray for a MAN? About a month ago, I had a friend guy tell me that I have every excuse not to date…well, I did that because I wasn’t interested and he wouldn’t take that at face value. (shrugs) Now, going forward, my house will be empty so there is no excuse (poked lips) But the Mr will need to understand SPACE and GRACE!

Right now, a toast to the transition and a job well done despite the hurdles. May it be embraced, filled with much happiness, good health, possibilities, fun, adventures and may be even love…..watch out!


-Simply Sherrie


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